Date(s) - July 27, 2019
11:00 am - 1:30 pm

Beth Emunah Messianic Synagogue


maxresdefaultJoin us for our vibrant Shabbat Service at 11:00 am.  Joseph Shulam joins us as guest speaker.

Joseph Shulam was born in Sofia, Bulgaria on March 24, 1946 to a Sephardic Jewish Family. In 1948 his family immigrated to Israel just before the establishment of the State.  Joseph grew up in Jerusalem. While in high school he was introduced to the New Testament and immediately identified with the person of Yeshua. Joseph’s fascination with the teaching of Yeshua eventually brought him to faith in God and the Messiah which caused his family to reject him.  Following completion of high school and college in both the United States and Jerusalem, Joseph engaged in extensive Rabbinical Studies.  Thereafter, he and a small fellowship, that was started in his house, established one of the first official non-profit organizations of Jewish Disciples of Yeshua in Israel – Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry in 1981. Netivyah Bible Instruction Ministry purchased the building on Narkis Street in 1982 as the congregational home. This was the first time that a Messianic Jewish Congregation had their own building and not an inherited protestant church.

Joseph has lectured extensively around the world and has assisted in encouraging Disciples in countries like, Finland, Germany, Bulgaria, Russia, Ukraine, Brazil, United States, Spain, Portugal, China, Hong Kong, Egypt, Italy, France, Holland, Japan, Korea, Cyprus, Greece, Hungary, Switzerland, and, of course, Israel. 

Everyone is welcome.

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